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Soho Create is a festival in Soho, London that celebrates and unites creative individuals and international businesses, operating in the most creative square mile in the world


Working with Soho Create’s CEO Tom Harvey and overseen by Chair, Sir John Hegarty, we set out to refresh the festival branding and the design of the website, along with a new digital strategy that worked in conjunction with a magazine release driven by TRUE 212. All of which contributed to the overall goal: to sell more tickets than the previous year and improve the festival's awareness.

With the festival in its third year and still relatively small, we knew it wouldn’t generate vast ticket sales, but with a supporting cast of high calibre, accomplished speakers that ranged from actors to celebrity chefs, musicians to perfumers, we knew we had the right ingredients to design a system that would allow us to build meaningful relationships with users.

Sitemap: Soho Create

Sitemap: Soho Create


Strategic conversion funnels

Due to budget and time limitations it had been decided the final tickets sales were to be sold through a third party site (with lacklustre UX), this meant we had limited control over the checkout flow and we knew we had to push as many users as possible to hit our goal of increasing ticket sales. After some user testing sessions we learnt that promoting the festival speakers and building them into our conversion strategy was the perfect mechanism – we saw over 30% of our visitors click through to the third party site. We learnt that we need to promote our speakers and their values to build customer relationships, before trying to sell tickets.



As the festival deadline loomed, the functionality and utilitarianism of the site became ever more important – in a few days hundreds of paying customers would be visiting the festival. To ease any teething problems on the ground we decided to create and incorporate what we called the ‘Festival Dashboard’. The dashboard became the main focus on the site for the three days the festival was running, occupying the hero section and offering instant access to important festival information such as the speaker lineup, location and the running schedules for the day.

Festival Dashboard

Festival Dashboard