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Classics for All is a multi-functional charity that champions the teaching of classics in schools across the UK. Their operation focuses primarily on providing funding to schools via donations and support from Classicists around the globe.


Once we had won the pitch to work with Classics for All, it was clear that most of their processes were being done offline or any online solutions were hacked with minimal or no UX consideration. A mixture of service and product design would be needed to solve many of the problems they were facing.

Original sitemap

Original sitemap


Internal audit and understanding

Auditing the CfA website was critical, it helped us learn about the hierarchy, organisation and structure of the current content, and how misaligned it was from where they wanted the business to be.

Revised Sitemap

Revised Sitemap


We needed to apply rules, order and simplicity to the website before we could start to understand how and where any new features and services would integrate, how they could be delivered and at what point in the journey. We redesigned the sitemap using Google Analytics data and aligning it with our new strategy, which enabled us to cluster and merge the many ares of the existing site into four clear and logical navigational points: About; Grants; Get Involved and Reading Room. This balanced the business needs with the newly chosen editorial and digital direction.


Digital products and service design

We worked closely with CfA over the next couple of months to figure out the user needs and pains across their business and to better understand their current processes. Amongst other things we discovered there were legacy transactional processes in place for single and reoccurring donations which required the writing and posting of letters, this was also true for signing up teachers. On top of that there was no way of managing or processing email signups or retargeting customers. 

In response to those pains, we found pain relievers by making signing up and donating the two primary functions of the website. We also designed simple flows for both which were tested and shipped. We then decided that integrating a CRM system would be hugely beneficial to the site and doing so gave CfA the ability to easily manage databases for signups and donations. It was clear to see that life was soon to become a whole lot easier for Classics for All. On top of improving the processes we helped them for the first time to visualise and tell the stories of the schools that had received funding using Google maps API. This became a fantastic feature that inspired teachers and encouraged them to apply for funding, as did the addition of promoting editorial stories and celebrity supporters of Classics such as Boris Johnson and Joanna Lumley.